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Sand Pavilion

Trickle gutter

Marble run function wall

Sand sieve with 3 different sieves


4 in 1 Sand learning station. Children will have their hands full of things to do as the sand quickly trickles away!


Order code429546 Base Area1690 x 1400mm
Safety area4560 x 4290mm Total height1750mm
Age groupFrom 1 year 


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In comparison to other softwood, larch wood is very strong, tough and has low expansion and shrinkage rates. Amongst European softwoods, it is the heaviest and hardest wood. It‘s resistance to weathering and it‘s durability make it perfect for use in outdoor play equipment.

Very strong and durable larch timber

Massive steel foot (5 mm thick) with galvanised design loops. Prevents the posts from absorbing moisture from the ground and rotting. Sturdy connection, even with dynamic load.

Galvanised steel mounting

The split handrails fit exactly onto the special stainless steel shoe and are bolted throughout. Concealed stainless steel connection provide; Durability, and a high level of strength.

Stainless steel connectors
  • Trickle gutter

  • Sand play function wall

  • Marble run function wall

  • Sand sieve with 3 different sieves

  • Includes metal mounting

  • Cost-effective and fast assembly

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